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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to order SA-MP hosting ?
A. Login -> Then go to [Buy credits] (buy some credits) -> [Rent] order -> Then upload server files to FTP -> [Server control panel] - [Edit server.cfg] specify a server.cfg details -> [Server control panel] - [Restart server] -> connect to server.
Q. How to add plugins ? / Why SA-MP client shows "unknown" gamemode ?
A. Go to [Server control panel] -> [Edit server.cfg] -> [Plugins] write your plugin names, all must be wtih .so (not .dll) extension. Eg. mysql.so stremer.so pwncurl.so sscanf.so xstreamer.so xStreamer.so
Q. Do you(we) have demo server ?
A. Yes. Address is: Gta-host.eu:12345

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